Who is Detty: Biography, Networth, Education and Age

Mbah Chinedu Emmanuel (born December 9, 1997), who is professionally known as Detty, is a Nigeria-born Nigerian Blogger, Writer, SEO Analyst, and Entrepreneur. Detty was born in Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria, and raised in Lagos, Nigeria; more to know about Detty, I have written a well-composed and complete Biography of Detty.


Who is Detty

Detty is a well-known name for the famous Nigerian Blogger, professional writer, and SEO-ANALYST Mbah Chinedu Emmanuel. He was not named Detty from birth but derived the name from a crew. According to him, Detty was a prefix added to all their names in that crew. Detty Savage, Detty Pablo, Detty goddess, and he was Detty Ehmmy.

As years goes by, most of his friends and even relatives started calling him just Detty. Shortly, I will be writing more about his background. Let’s kindly read further his School, date of birth, place of birth, and parent’s name.



Mbah Chinedu Emmanuel was born into the Family of Mbah and raised by both parents in Lagos, Nigeria. He hails from the “Coal City” in Enugu State. He is in a Family of seven; 4 siblings, 2 boys and 2 girls named; Ifeanyi, Ndubuisi, Chioma, and Chinenye.



Chinedu Emmanuel schooled in Moral day car, Ojo Military Cantonment, Naowa Nursery, and Primary School, Command Children School Mile 9 Ojo, Time and Tide International College, and Anneson Memorial Secondary School. Not much information about his tertiary and higher education but it is said to him being dropped out of School.

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Proffesional Taglines

Detty studied Computer Science at Undefined University before dropping out to join the Military, Pursuing Businesses, and reasons best known to him. He became a blogger in 2014 after discovering his passion for writing and also meeting the expectations of readers in Nigeria and beyond.

As of the date of writing this article, Detty owns 5 famous Blogs which are which is a blog for Bios, Jobs, and Scholarships. Techeens, a blog for Software, Techs, Applications, Manuals, and Reviews. is a blog for tutorials, that teaches you how to use programs, software, devices, mobiles, PC, and others. a blog for Legal suits and others related to getting an attorney or lawyer in the USA. and 3 other blogs.


Personal Life

Detty is a young man who is yet to be married but rumors have it that he is in a relationship but has not disclosed who he is dating. He is a lover of basketball, loves swimming, and is also a big fan of Artwork. He is not a dedicated lover of movies or music but he has the like for Wizkid and Sad music.

Mbah Chinedu Emmanuel is a talented young man, who has great skills in drawing, writing, art, web design, etc. He loves to dance, surf the internet, watch YouTube, and learn new skills.


Current Role

Detty, CEO of 9jaedublog and Naijadailys and 6 other blogs, has come to the limelight after most of his projects and blog posts skyrocketed and trended. He is a well-known skilled writer who has been featured in so many blogs and magazines. He is also the brain behind Updatemii and Eliteshobby.

He is one of the well-paid bloggers in Nigeria, but as a humble and sole hustler, he never brags about his work, rather always staying low to learn and acquire more knowledge from co-bloggers.

Google AdSense I must say is his Employer because they pay him handsomely for the Advertisement (Ads) they display on his blog. But According to him, he runs and manages his blog by himself as the CEO and the brain behind it. Although he partners with some other skilled bloggers on some blogs. One of his dedicated partners Akintoye Olusanya Agbesanya, a co-blogger, writer, and SEO analyst has been very supportive in the long run of Detty’s business and blog line.

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His biggest achievement

I am not too sure about what Detty has achieved so far but I sure know he is up to something. Well, running famous blogs like Updatemii, Naijadaily, and 9jaedublog is more than enough to be what he has achieved so far. Not an easy task to maintain and run such big brands.

Well, his properties, assets, net worth, and wealth, can not be defined now, but as time goes on, we will update this post and revert to it shortly.


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Facts about Detty

Detty is of average height and has fair skin. He works for himself and as a freelancer. Detty began blogging in 2015 and has grown into a professional blogger with numerous blogs. His net worth is unknown, although he is estimated to earn around $10,000 (6 million Nigerian Naira).

Detty is still single, but the internet has made it known that he is in a relationship, however, who he is dating has yet to be revealed. Detty, as an entrepreneur, is a determined young man who works tirelessly despite all circumstances to establish a life.

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CEO Eliteshobby

Mbah Chinedu E. the CEO and creator of Eliteshobby Inc. is a pro game player, web designer, and also a blogger. As a professional game player, he has achieved unparalleled mastery in the gaming world. According to his commitment to gaming, he is dedicated to providing valuable content and resources.

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