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Lanko Dennis (Lulu) was born on March 14, 1993, and is a Naval personnel, entrepreneur, and activist. He is from Nigeria’s Niger State. He comes from the Lanko family. Lulu joined the Nigerian Navy in 2018 and has been serving the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a soldier for 5 years with devotion and obedience in labor.

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His profession

Lanko Dennis is a military personnel, member of the Navy in the Armed Forces of the federal republic of Nigeria. Lulu is a professional Forex trader who has great skills in Analysis, Planning, and Risk Management. Due to his level of Enthusiasm, Lulu can fit in any position in Marketing.


His Marital life

Lulu wedding picture

Dennis is a happily married man but has no kid yet, he officially got married to Cynthia on the 6th of May 2023. His marriage celebration was held in Assemble of God church, Kasuwa Monday, Kaduna. He celebrated his marriage in a grand style and as a military personnel which went viral on social media and his videos from his wedding are seen across so many social media platforms.

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His best man Detty also his coursemate and some colleague from the Navy who turned up for him in his wedding ceremony actually made him the happiest man on his special day. We can’t really say much about his marital life because he just got married.


His Best Friend

The name of Mr. Lanko’s (Lulu) best friend is Mbah Chinedu Emmanuel (Detty) whom he also regards as his twin brother because they have much resemblance. His relationship with Detty started all the way from training when they were getting enlisted into the Nigerian Navy in 2018.

Their bond grew stronger as they grow older in the service, serving as Military personnel. They have so many things in common and have been seen in so many pictures and videos together.


Lulu’s Education

Lanko Dennis graduated from…in the year.. as a student of.


Facts about Lulu

Lanko Dennis derives pleasure in making others happy even when he is sad. He is a selfless human and very generous. He is known to have a great spirit of enthusiasm and is very hard-working. He is light-skinned and has a slim physique. Lulu is averagely tall and very good-looking.

He is a Christian by faith but not more of a Church goer. He plays table tennis for fun and more indoors. He is not a very social type of person, but he always trying to fit in any attitude you want him to pull out. His sexual orientation is straight, and his favorite football club is Manchester United and type of music is any kind as long as he can groove to it.

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His Facebook page is Lulu Lanko


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