How to stay healthy during harmattan

Harmattan is experienced in west Africa every year, it is a period of dryness juxtaposed with an extreme cold weather that occurs between November and March.

Furthermore, it a period that comes with extreme cold. Although, this sort of coldness can not be compared to that if the north, it can be just as freezing and chilly if exposed in it for too long.

Obviously, these two features that comes with harmattan are what makes it difficult for a lot of people to adapt.

In this period of harmattan many people suffer from catarrh and cold, those with the genotype AA go as much as having fever for weeks. The reason for this is not yet clearly defined.

In this article we will be looking at how to stay healthy during this period of dryness.

Problems caused by Harmattan

The coming of harmattan marks the season of rapid illness due to the chill weather. It is no news that minor illness no matter how small it is can be fatal is not treated accordingly.

The illness caused by harmattan includes

  1. Catarrh
  2. Cough
  3. Cold
  4. Asthma
  5. Fire outbreak
  6. Poor visibilities
  7. And fog
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Since there will be severe cold mixed with dust, people with asthmatic conditions and any sort of inhalant allergies are advised to take precautions because this is the period when they will be inhaling all sorts of dust.

This is the period when the Asthmatic suffers more crises. Many also suffer pneumonia and bronchitis, especially the very young and the aged.

Furthermore, it is of great importance that those who are allergic to cold suit up in thick cloths to prevent catching any of there illness.

Below are ways to stay healthy during hamattan

  1. Bath at least 3 times in a day.
  2. Keep your environment clean.
  3. Use body cream that contains enough oil.
  4. Buy and use a lip oil to prevent dryness and tear of the lips.
  5. While sleeping cover yourself properly with thick bed sheet to prevent cold.
  6. Use a nose mask during the day to prevent dust particles from getting into your nose.

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