How to get rid of pimples with Dudu Osun

Good day everyone, today in this article we are going to give some tips on how to get rid of pimples using the popular Nigerian herbal black soap, Dudu Osun.

Dudu Osun is a Nigerian Yoruba made soap rich in herbal nutrients that keeps the skin smooth, clean and healthy.

It is a herbal soap with herbal chemical contents that kills all forms of pathogens that cause skin disease like face pimples.

Getting rid of pimples with Dudu Osun

It is very easy to get rid of pimples using this black soap. Furthermore, there are no did effects regardless of your skin color and texture. Below are tips to doing that;

  1. Bath with Dudu Osun at least twice daily: Bathing with Dudu Osun at least twice daily especially in the night before going to bed reduces your chances of having pimples. To achieve a better experience use hot water.
  2. Allow soap foam on skin for about 2minutes before washing out: After applying soap on your body and sponge, scrub your body gently and allow foam on your skin for about 2minutes before washing out with a clean water.
  3. Use a clean water to bath: using a dirty water during bath reduces the effectiveness of Dudu Osun soap, use a clean water for a better experience.
  4. Use with other anti-fungal products: Using this soap with other anti-fungal products like detol during bath makes the whole thing more effective.
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Does it soap remove stretch marks?

Stretch marks might seem beautiful on some skin, nevertheless, it is not as satisfactory as it looks. Not everyone wants it.

Luckily, using this black soap for stretch marks will help you enjoy smooth and stretch mark-free skin.

Furthermore, the main reason stretch marks disappears while using this specially made black soap is the high content of shea butter.

In addition, By moisturizing and enriching the skin, shea butter gradually removes the stretch marks.

For more information, on the benefits of dudu osun soap click here

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