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Chinaza Miracle, often known as Cupcake, is a Nigerian entrepreneur who was born and raised in Anambra state. Cupcake is from Owerri, Imo state, and currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria. Today we will be covering all that you need to know about Chinaza Miracle (Cupcake).


Who is Cupcake

Cupcake with Icecream


Cupcake, a Nigerian model, entrepreneur, actress, brand owner (Chizy boutique), Nigerian Tiktoker, content creator, fashion model, and social media influencer was born on January 2nd, 2000 in Anambra State.

She was born and raised in Anambra State, Nigeria’s eastern region. She is a native of Imo State, in the same region. She is Igbo by tribe and ethnicity, Easterner by area, Nigerian by Nationality, and Christian by faith. She hasn’t disclosed the identities of her parents.



Chinaza Miracle who is generally known as Cupcake is the brain behind Chizy Boutique a well popular brand for sales of luxurious female wear, shoes, and bags. She is the Owner and CEO of Chizy Boutique. As a young entrepreneur, she is not just limited to being a brand owner, but also an actress, a beauty and fashion model, and also a content creator.

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Cupcake joined TikTok during the pandemic period and started creating content. She has since gone on to gain thousands of followers on the app. She is regularly seen advertising several products on her social media handles. She is one of the top influencers on TikTok and has hundreds of followers on the app and also across other social media platforms.

Cupcake founded Chizy Boutique on her own in 2019, after graduating from high school in 2017 and participating in a variety of companies, some of which didn’t work out, such as working as a sales representative, cashier, and so on.


Cupcake at pool



The age of Chinaza Miracle has not been really clarified but according to the age found on her social profiles, she was born in the year 2000 and on the 2nd of January. She is said to be 23 years old as of the time of writing this article (2023).



Cupcake after graduating from secondary school in Anambra state, is an undergraduate at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) studying English as a student of Science, she successfully obtained her first school leaving certificate and SSCE in year 2017.


Cupcake net worth

Cupcake’s net worth has not yet been estimated. She makes money as a content creator and is regularly seen advertising several products on her social media handles. According to statistics and estimations, she is claimed to make a lot of money from her brand Chizy Boutique which is worth up to $10,000 (6 million in Nigerian naira).

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Cupcame at store


Facts about Cupcake

Cupcake is an entrepreneur, actress, model, and content creator. She is a Christian by faith and an Igbo by tribe. She is a Nigerian, originally from Owerri, Imo state in Nigeria’s Eastern area. Chinaza Miracle is a 23-year-old undergraduate student at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN).

Chinaza Miracle has light skin, is ordinary in height (1.67), and weighs around 67kg; she is gentle and has a petite physique. She has a lovely face and appears to be eternally young. She is a female with a bisexual but largely straight sexual orientation.

Cupcake is not a regular churchgoer, but she has a strong faith in God and is a religious person. She is a hardworking young lady who is mainly self-sufficient. She has worked as a secretary, bartender, salesgirl, cashier, actress, receptionist, and many other jobs throughout her career.

Cupcake is not yet married but is said to be in a relationship which is not yet disclosed. She has not revealed who her fiance or husband-to-be is yet.


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